Newsletter October 2008 Edition

Ellane Magic Bean Maker

Ellane Magic Bean Maker | Mesin Pembuat Susu KacangCook with our twin pan and drink a glass of tasty soymilk for perfection! This month let's take a close look at our new bean maker to help you make your first fresh soymilk.

Our quality bean maker will save you money on grocery bills and we guarantee you can enjoy high quality, low cost high-in-protein soymilk. Compared to the amount of money that you pay for soymilk at the store, our soymilk maker will end up paying for itself in just a few months.

This bean maker comes with the following features:

  • Easy to use: Press one button for fully automatic operation
  • Dimension: 22.5cm (l) x 17cm (w) x 28cm (h)
  • Capacity: 6 Glass, 1.5 Litre
  • Power consumption: 450 Watt
  • Rated frequency : 220 V - 50 Hz
  • 3-in-1 multi-function: Heater, Grinder/mill, and Filter
  • Material: Heater element, Grinding blade, Stainless steel filter cup, Plastic pot
  • Microprocessor controlled cooking: no "beany" taste

Benefits of Bean Maker

Soy Bean MakerMake milk from different beans, rice, nuts, seeds, and grains – You can make a wide variety of fresh and tasty milk beverages from virtually any bean, rice, nut, seed, or grain. Be creative and make combination milks such as rice-almond or soy-sesame seed!

Make fresh tofu from your soymilk – Using the fresh soymilk from a soymilk maker, you can produce your own herbed or flavored desert tofu.

Soy Milk Bean TofuEliminate your intake of unwanted preservatives, thickeners, sweeteners, and other additives – With a soymilk maker, you have complete control over what goes into you milk so you know exactly what your family is consuming. You also have the option of leaving your milk plain, or adding the flavors or sweeteners you prefer to perfectly suit your taste.

Great for lactose intolerant individuals, vegetarians and those allergic to cow's milk.

Reduce container waste – Stop throwing out plastic and cardboard containers! The only by-product of making fresh milk is the pulp, which is nutritious, high in fiber, and can be used in baking and other recipes.

Kitchenware Specialist

PT. Dinamika Agra Alam is well known for its quality products that it has constantly supplied to catering, hotel, restaurant, cafe, and household. Buy now while stock lasts! We can guarantee your satisfaction! Please call our office today to get your bean maker deal from our friendly customer service officer.

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