Newsletter September 2008 Edition

Ellane Jumbo Double Cooker Twin Pan

Ellane Jumbo Double Cooker Twin Pan | Double-Faced Cast Iron PanAll of you have seen deluxe Versace Chafing Dish featured in the last month newsletter. This month, we want you to experience our new generation of non-stick twin pan!! We guarantee you won't regret buying this highly recommended and useful product.

Made of two cast-iron pans, this easy-to-use twin pan is suitable for those who love cooking, frying or grilling, preventing no smell and no splashes. With its double covered pans, high heat can evenly be spread out, making it more efficient by reducing your cooking time.

This twin pan comes with the following specification:

  • Dimension: 34cm (l) x 25cm (w) x 6cm (h)
  • Material: Non-stick cast iron with marble coating

Special Features

Twin Pan MotifOur exclusive jumbo marble coated nano non-stick twin pan delivers enduring performance and superior durability that stands up to the rigour of intensive kitchen use.

  1. Silver nano non-stick marble coating for anti-fungal and disinfectant
  2. Metal surface coating materials approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  3. Chemical endurance: Strong resistance to acid and alkali
  4. Olfactory: Safe from all of pollutional materials

Extra Benefits

Buy twin pan today and you will get the following extra benefits:

7 Layer Marble Coating

  1. 7 layered coating
  2. Direct flame coating
  3. 30% energy saving of normal pan
  4. Easy to cook - no need to cook upside down because of its double face
  5. With American company Whitford's powerful Xylan coating used, its coating lasts longer than any other pansSilver Nano Non-stick Marble Coating
  6. With high heat conduction rate, it cooks faster and boasts high heat preservation rate
  7. Highly shock-resistant
  8. No transformation in shape

Kitchenware Specialist

PT. Dinamika Agra Alam is well known for its quality products that it has constantly supplied to catering, hotel, restaurant, cafe, and household. Our customer has always been our top priority and we can guarantee your satisfaction! Please call our office today to obtain a special deal from our friendly customer service officer.

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