Newsletter March 2009 Edition

Ellane 4 Tier Buffet Revolving Stand

Breakfast Buffet Stand for Catering | Prasmanan Putar KateringWhat an exciting time it has been to start fresh early in the new year. In this second newsletter of the year, we want to introduce a brand new product line: 4 Tier Buffet Revolving Stand

This revolving buffet stand will make any occasion a special and elegant affair in your home, office, hotel, restaurant or any catered event. This professional food presenter not only adds dimension with its beautiful and luxurious design, but it is also made of fine quality full stainless steel raw material with a reasonable price.

Perfect for small or large groups in stand-up buffets, this revolving buffet stand shiningly present your delicious food, treats and desserts, allowing guests to mingle and network while enjoying an amazing range of food selection. The buffet stand simply comes with the following specification:Buffet Stand | Prasmanan Putar

  1. Dimensions: (A) 41cm, (B) 71cm, (C) 44cm, (H) 92cm
  2. Material: 18/10 stainless steel
  3. Usage: Buffet stand, each tier can rotate
  4. Body feature: Gold plated or chrome plated
  5. Tier: 4 levels of different size serving trays
  6. Unique feature: Sparkling crown top
  7. Origin: Made in Korea

What is a Revolving Buffet Stand?

A revolving buffet stand is like a stage for food, lending instant elegance and making whatever dish on it seem more elegant, important and presentable. By displaying dishes on serving tiers of a buffet stand, you help to relieve the monotony of horizontal presentation and create vertical relief. No matter how simple or lavish your buffet is, our luxurious revolving buffet stand and its serving tiers will help it rise to the occasion.

The uniqueness of this revolving buffet stand will make your catering and hotel business stand out from your other competitors. Revolving Buffet Stand | Prasmanan Hotel & CateringAs our stock is very limited, please do not hesitate to consult your requirements with us. Here are some of the benefits from our revolving buffet stand:

  • Eye catching and oustanding design
  • Save plenty of space on buffet table
  • Top quality material, unit lasts a lifetime
  • Luxury and high class impression for your guests
  • Easy to clean, dishwasher safe
  • Affordable price

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