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Ellane Dual Tank Refrigerated Cold Drink / Juice Dispenser

Juice Dispenser | Mesin Pendingin Jus | Cold Drink | Beverage | Refrigeration | Chiller | Cooling SystemHappy New Year 2009 everyone!

May the happiness of your family, the warmth of love, the joy of friendship and companion surround you in this new year and many years to come.

We have continuously been serving our customers with the very best range of product selection and to welcome the fresh start of the year, we would like to share some inspiration with you by introducing our twin tank cold drink dispenser.

The dispenser comes with two clear polycarbonate bowls (with a paddle mixer) which are ideal for storing and chilling a wide variety of drinks including natural fruit juices, cordials, syrups, lemonade, beverages, iced coffee, cocktails, tea and milk.Jus Green Tea | Minuman Dingin Segar | Juice

Here is the specification:Watermelon Strawberry Juice | Minuman Dingin Enak dan Nikmat

  1. Capacity / Volume: 2 x 12 Liters
  2. Dimensions [L x W x H]: 42 cm x 45 cm x 63.5 cm
  3. Body Color: Brushed steel
  4. Weight: 27 Kg
  5. Power: 320 Watt

Product Features

Restoran Hotel | Jus Dispenser | Pendingin MinumanEllane cold drink dispenser is built to withstand the demands of high traffic areas such as clubs, hotels, caf├ęs, pubs, takeaways, restaurants, lounges, bars, gyms, general caterers, canteens, supermarkets, etc.

You will be amazed with features of this product:

  • Stainless steel panel: stronger build for heavy duty commercial use
  • Unique evaporator: cool faster & more efficiently for faster start-up
  • Polycarbonate twin tanks: made of durable and unbreakable materials
  • Separate switches: for cooling and mixing for each tank
  • Paddle mixer: stirring system suitable for both high and low density beverages
  • Polycarbonate taps: easily disassembled for maintenance and cleaning
  • Removable drip tray: for easy cleaning and less maintenance
  • Highly efficient cooling and mixing: temperature down to 7 degrees Celcius

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